Пушкин А.С.

While filled with vanity, he was afflicted by a pride even more intense, one which made him admit with identical indifference both good and evil actions — the result of his perhaps-false feelings of superiority.

Epigraph to Alexander Pushkin’s novel in verse Eugene Onegin

Two French nurses are pushing along a wheelchair-bound old man – it is Eugene Onegin, who has ended up in a mental hospital to live out his final years. He is talking nonsense, mumbling that he is waiting for a letter of some sort, that Tatiana loves him. The nurses give him a shot, and the old man, dozing off, hears in his sleep the voice of his second in the duel – the duel which, once upon a time, destroyed his life and the life of his beloved.
Onegin awakens in horror, but he is denied peace even when conscious – a Demon appears before him. The old man charges the Demon with his troubles; the Demon is to blame that Onegin’s life has turned out this way! But still, he ventures to ask, why this way? See synopsis


The musical’s team, known for their sensational production The Master and Margarita, once more challenges itself to present Russian audiences the world of Golden Age classics from a different perspective. The turn of events, realized in brave theatrical genre, will inspire a storm of emotion in spectators’ hearts.


The same troupe which astounded viewers with the well-known musical The Master and Margarita is once again ready to captivate its audience! The experienced artists will inspire pleasure with their performance in each and every spectator.


The costumes for the musical Onegin’s Demon were created by young artist Anna Nazukova along with the group “Vozrozhdenie.” Famous Russian designer Igor Gulyaev also took part in some costumes’ creation. SFX designer Denis Raikov brought the monsters’ and demons’ forms to life.
All of the stage décor is the work of the company “Vozrozhdenie” under the leadership of Gennadiy Galitskiy, according to the artistic concepts of Andrey Kezzyn. Pavel Bushuev and Igor Shvarts are the authors of the video content.

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